Funding Your Care

Understanding your funding options can make a big difference to the care and support you choose.


Public Funding


You may be eligible to receive help with funding your care from the Government.  You have the right to request a free care assessment from your local social services department; this can include a community care assessment and a means-tested financial assessment to see if you are eligible to receive support with the cost of your care.


Direct Payments


If you have been assessed as needing care services, you may be offered Direct Payments.  This is where social services give you the money directly to pay for your own care.


Direct payments can empower you to have more of a say in how the support you receive is provided.  These payments give you a sense of independence and allow you to have greater control over your own life.


The government is looking to increase the number of people who recieve direct payments allowing more people access to the benefits they bring.  If you are considered eligible for support with funding, your local council are duty bound to consider direct payments as an option for you, instead of providing services to meet your needs.


Private Funding


Should you not be eligible for public funding or would simply prefer to fund your care privately; you will need to source your care independently.  There may be many options available to you and we suggest you seek advice from an impartial financial advisor specialising in care fees.


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